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Ever wonder how nominee selection and voting works for Star Awards?

Here's what you need to know!

Those who won an award for a specific category the previous year are not eligible to be nominated for that same category the following year, however they can be nominated for other categories if applicable.


Each company can submit one nomination ballot for first round of voting.


Nominees must be in the Houston Market.


TV, Radio, Out of Home and Print companies will receive 20 votes in addition to their membership. 
If there is no membership, then they will just receive 20 votes.


Agencies receive 10 votes in addition to their membership. 
If there is no membership, they will just receive 10 votes.


MAH Members receive the number of votes outlined in their membership, in addition to their given votes. 
Example:  If KHOU has a 5 person membership, they will receive 25 votes (5 for their membership, 20 for being a TV station)

Individual members are eligible to vote.


First round of voting—the top three or four nominees for each round will move on to the final round of voting. 
For categories with more than 10 submissions 40% will move forward.


Each nominee for the final round of voting will be sent an essay to complete, as part of their overall score.


Essays will be sent to 10 out-of-market judges who will submit their ballots to the CPA.


All essay scores and voting scores will be submitted to a CPA to tabulate the final winner for each category.


Scoring is 55% voting and 45% essay for final scores.

Congratulations to our 2024 Media Alliance of Houston Star Awards Recipients!

Digital Sales Professional (All Media)

  Rita Dalati, KRBE

Out of Home or Print Account Executive

 Karen Erwin, Outfront

Out of Home or Print Media Manager or VP

Traci Pelter, Houston Business Journal

Sports or Entertainment Specialist

     Sean Pendergast, Sports Radio 610

On-Air TV Personality

  Crystal Ayala, Telemundo

Local TV Account Executive

Glenda Carmon, KTRK

TV Sales Manager or Director of Sales

     Sonya Villamagna, KHOU

TV News Director

  Bernice Kearney, KPRC

TV Market Manager or VP

Wendy Granato, KTRK

Radio Producer or News Director

 Erik with a K, Audacy

Radio On-Air Personality

 Roula Christie, Cumulus

Local Radio Account Executive

  Laura Imming, Audacy

Radio Sales Manager or Director

Tim Gratzer, Cumulus

Radio Program Director or Operations
Josh Adams, Houston Public Media

Radio Market Manager or VP

Lisa Shumate, Houston Public Media

Promotions Director or Marketing Professional

 Kyle Claude, Houston Public Media


Local Media Sales Assistant or Traffic Assistant

Pam Loza, Audacy

Local Community Affairs Director

  Mariah Gardner, KPRC

Creative Director or Manager

 Josh Power, Nicely Done

Local Agency Support Staff

 Jon Little, Love Advertising

Local Agency Account Service/Brand Management

Casey Mitchell, Mind Dance Marketing

Local Agency Buyer

Grace Roman, Love Advertising

Local Agency Planner

  Natalie Lyles, Love Advertising

Local Agency Digital Professional

               Avery Domenech, Avail Media 

Local Agency Media Director or Associate Media Director
 Amanda Reed, Avail Media 

Agency Principal

Kelley Robinson, Avail Media 

Agency of the Year (Small)

Mind Dance Marketing

Agency of the Year (Large)

Love Advertising

MAH Rising Star

Nea Canady, KHOU

Market Rock Star

   Mia Viera, Crispin Porter Bogusky

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