The Sandy Schenker Capell scholarship was created to honor Sandy and her commitment to mentoring and developing young talent. The scholarship will be awarded each year to a Houston area High School Senior interested in a career in media.


The scholarship will be managed and funds raised by the Media Alliance of Houston. The ideal candidate will represent the qualities that Sandy exuded in her daily life. Commitment, Leadership, Motivation and Determination.


- Minimum of one recipient will receive a Scholarship per year

- Funds must be used for educational expenses

- Application deadline is in May 7, 2021

- Winner will be notified in July 2021


In addition to your application, an Essay and High School

Transcript must be submitted via email:

Options for Essay question (in 500 words or less):


  1. What is the importance of Media/Advertising in today's society?

  2. Words to describe Sandy Schenker Capell include, Commitment, Leadership, Motivation and Determination. What four words best describe you, and explain their meaning to you.

  3. One of Sandy's favorite sayings is "control the controllable," what is your favorite saying, and how do you use it in your life?

  4. Describe your most meaningful achievement and how that relates to your chosen field of study?

  5. What event or person has shaped your desire to enter the field of Media/Advertising?

  6. Friendship and Relationships are something Sandy takes very seriously, what makes you a good friend or partner in projects?


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Media Alliance of Houston - Sandy Schenker Capell Scholarship

Sandy Schenker Capell Scholarship