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Due to these uncertain times with agencies and companies facing economic hardships, we also know there are those in our market that are looking for jobs. At MAH, we’d like to do what we can to assist those that might need a little more help in finding the right job.


Here you can find job and internship seekers and be put in contact with them directly to make your hiring process easier.

Please contact to have your resume listed here. Let us know in your email if you would like to be mentioned by name or be anonymous on this page, what you are looking for/catchy headline to grab attention

See the box below for the type of information that will be posted (either named or anonymous):

If you are a company looking to fill a position, please look here first! If you see an applicant you'd like to talk to, please contact Sandy Max at to get in touch with an applicant that has chosen not to be named.

Example for Named: Jane Doe - Media Professional of 10 years seeking Agency opening (7/1/2020)

Open link below for resume ​
Jane Doe

Example for Anonymous: Job Seeker 1 - Award Winning OOH Sales Professional seeking opening (7/1/2020)

Open link below for resume ​
Job Seeker 1

Here are our current Job Seekers:

Joey Rodriguez - Artist, Illustrator, Designer, Art Director seeking opening (2/24/2021)

Open link below for resume

Joey Rodriguez

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